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Links for you provided by Highland Crest Pawn

This list is for firearms we sell and other Firearms accessories at Highland Crest Pawn.

This is no where near a complete list and check back as we add more.




Kansas Concealed Carry  Kansas Attorney General Page


Federal ATF Firearms Page Federal ATF Firearms information


Kansas Concealed Carry Forum   This is a forum on Kansas Concealed Carry


FBI NICS Gun Check     FBI page explaining Background checks for Guns



Firearms Manufacturers


Glock          Glock Firearms Manufacturer


Sig Sauer   Sig Sauer Firearms Manufacturer


Ruger          Ruger Firearms Manufacturer 


Taurus  Taurus Firearms Manufacturer


Springfield Armory    Springfield Armory Firearms Manufacturer


Savage Arms   Savage Arms Firearms Manufacturer


Mossberg and Sons  Mossberg  Firearms Manufacturer




Firearms Accessories



Vortex Optics  Vortex Scopes and Optics Kansas Made


Tapco              Magazine and Firearm Furniture manufacturer